Associate Pastors

Pastor P. Vijaya Babu
Mr. Vijaya Babu is involved in the ministry at the headquarters. He assists Dr Wesley in executing the pastoral roles at Hyderabad. He accepted God’s call to serve in Bethesda Church in November 2001 and is involved in church responsibilities and ministerial activities since then.

Pastor D. Raju
Mr. Raju is involved in ministry at Bethesda’s Narsapur branch in Medak District. Besides his church responsibilities at Bethesda, Mr. Raju also works for Sram Ashram, a Christian organization in Hyderabad.

Pastor Simon Peter
Mr. Simon ministers at Bethesda’s branches at Vekanur & Kothapalem in Krishna districts.

Pastor Jeremiah
Mr. Jeremiah pastors Bethesda’s Mahboobnagar branch, Jetaprol.

Pastor Amos
Mr.Amos pastors Bethesda’s Medak branch, Narsapur.

Pastor Prakash
Mr.Prakash pastors the church at Prajaysai Gardens at Bandlaguda, Hyderabad.